Everything you need to know about DOZ credits

DOZ credits make it easy to assign tasks to DOZ Experts - and if you need more you can purchase them easily and without leaving the platform.

Are credits included in plans?

You can by credits at all time and on the go:

  • The Basic plan does not come with any credits and you will have to purchase some to perform marketing tasks.
  • The Pro plan comes with a monthly package of 300 credits
  • The Enterprise plan comes with on-demand credits

> See the details of pricing plans available at DOZ

What can I buy with credits?

Credits allow you to pay for the tasks that fuel your marketing campaign. Tasks don't have the same number of credits: the higher the difficulty (eg: writing a white paper) the higher the number of credits will be.

How can I buy more credits?

To purchase additional credits, go to the Billing section of your account and select "Get credits".


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