What is a Peer Review?

At DOZ, every task is reviewed by a peer. So when you submit a task, it does not get approved until it has been reviewed. To ensure the best quality, tasks are reviewed twice: by a random Peer Reviewer from the community AND by the Client.

To become a Reviewer, you need to reach 8,000 DOZ Points.

You will then see a Peer Review tab on your Dashboard.

You receive tasks that require you to review tasks done by other experts. You should first click on the task to read the instructions under the Description tab. You will find the task report under the Report tab.

Ensure the task was done well and that the instructions were respected by the experts. If you notice mistakes, broken links, spammy content, etc., you should Reject the task. If everything is fine, you can click Validate.

Regardless of whether you Reject or validate the task, a pop-up window willl open so you can provide the expert feedback. If the task is accepted, just thank him/her and encourage him/her for the future. If the task has been rejected, you should give the reasons why. The message should be short, clear and constructive.

Just like a regular task, you will earn points each time you validate or reject a task. Getting Peer Reviews means you're a trusted member of the team at DOZ!


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